All of our Chinchilla kiln dried pine hideouts are handmade, sanded, and safe for your pets. Easy to install in your cage like Critter Nation and Ferret Nation and others. Multiple sizes available. Features a convenient wood ledge for your pets to hang out and eat. Chinchilla Huts and Cooling Huts are also available.

Bridges | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the option to select a Top or Side mount. This will give you the freedom to place your bridge anywhere in your cage. Hanger bolts are installed along with washers and wingnuts for easy installation.
The 15" bridge can fit 3 chinchilla comfortably (they do love cuddling). The 19" would easily fit 4-5 chinchilla.
Yes, everything we build is 100% safe for your pets. The holes on the side and front are large enough for your chinchilla to scurry through and hop on to the bridge.
Yes! We have had custom bridges made in different sizes or styles to fit your needs, just send us an email chinsurfers@gmail.com or hit the chat button on the bottom right to speak with us.

Ledges | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size of your cage and your preference of set up. In our ledge bundles we try to offer the optimal sizes from small to large. If your also setting up a hideout or bridge, its common to put a ledge near it as a hopping point.
Each ledge comes with hanger bolts installed (those are the rods that go in between the bars) along with washers and wing nuts to fasten them securely.
We offer ledges with and without poop guards. A poop guard is an added piece of wood along the back of the ledge to guard the poop and minimize the mess outside your cages.
Yes, we do offer 12", 14", 16" and can customize any size you need. We have created a ledge to cover a whole wall of a cage. You can email or chat with us for details.

Hideout | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple hideouts and sizes. The standard "medium" hideout comfortably snuggles 2 chinchilla. Our large hideout is a little larger for 3 maybe 4 chinchilla (depending on their sizes) and has a roof with poop guards around it. We also create Cooling Hideouts which have a terracotta bowl or dish insert (option to buy it with the dish/bowl available). Chinchillas love to stay cool and these are a great way for them to chill out and relax. The Chinchilla Hut available is a free standing hideout.
Yes, our medium and large hideouts as well as the cooling hideouts are all mountable. They have hangers on the back of it to easily place it anywhere you need. The Chinchilla Hut is a free standing hut that is for the floor of your cage where your Chinchilla can be just as comfortable!
Yes! Whichever side you would like the EZ Clean opening we can accommodate that request. Just email us chinsurfers@gmail.com with your order number and preference, or chat with us by hitting the chat button on the bottom right.
Yes! We can do whatever size and configuration you need. Just send us an email chinsurfers@gmail.com or chat with us below, we would be happy to go over your plan!

Feeders | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

One of your Chinchilla's main source of feed is Hay. As you might come to learn, they love to make a mess of it! Our feeders come in different sizes to accommodate your needs to try and keep the mess to a minimum as well as try to make it easier for you to maintain.
Well, that depends on your set up. How many chinchilla are you feeding and how much your chinchilla eat during the day etc. We offer a small feeder which is a shallower box, holds a good amount of hay, easy to maintain. It has 2 chinchilla face cut out in the front as well as an open top. Our regular size feeder is a larger one, holds a lot more hay with more access cut outs on each side; for multiple chinchillas feeding without getting in each others way. It also has a lid on top to keep the mess (of hay and from your chinchilla) out.
Yes, they do come with hanger bolts attached and washers and wingnuts for easy install.

Hammocks | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yup! Chinchillas love to hide, get cozy and cuddle. Our hammocks come in multiple sizes to accommodate your chinchilla. If you would like a specific size made, no problem. Send us an email chinsurfers@gmail.com or chat with us below and we will make it for you.
Yes. Our hammocks are anti-pill fleece, totally safe for chinchillas. They come with the hanging clips to hang to the top of your cage.
Yes. We offer in 1 pattern or 2 for a top and bottom. We have many to choose from. If you dont see the combo you would like just email us chinsurfers@gmail.com your order number or chat with us below. We'll be happy to make it happen!

Treat Stand | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The entire stand, ropes and treats are 100% safe and edible. The ropes are made of seagrass, the stand is kiln-dried pine like our other products and the treats are a variety of kiln-dried pine beads, balls as well as pumice stone all safe for your chinchillas enjoyment!
Not to worry! We carry refills! Check out the treats page on our site for details!