We do NOT use any metal, nails, screws or staples in the building of our products. We only use non-toxic wood glue and wooden dowels for assembly. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 100% Hand Made! 100% Safe!

I'm new, what do I need? Here's some chinfo :)

I'm a new or potentially new Chinchilla owner. There are so many options, where do I get started?? Many ask what do Chinchillas need in their cage?

There are many cage options out there. The most popular cages are Critter Nation or Ferret Nation but that doesn't make them right for you. Google chinchilla cages and go by where your setting up the cage (or cages) in your home. Everyone's rooms are different; taller, wider etc. Critter/Ferret Nation cages are very good at connecting together so if you're planning to grow your chinchilla population these are great for expanding your habitat.

What do I put inside them? What comes with them already?
Cages come with plastic floors (half and/or full) and ramps for access to each level. The plastic bin floors and ramps you would see covered in fleece liners or some like to replace them with (safe) wood (we use Kiln Dried Pine). Ramps are usually replaced by ledges for your chinchilla to hop from level to level.

This is all so new to me, how do I just get started?
We would recommend a set of ledges, a hideout or bridge and hay feeder box. Make sure you do research on the heights of the ledges for young chinchillas. Then as you get more familiar with owning a chinchilla and your chinchilla begins to grow, your collection begins to grow. 

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